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Additional Complex Needs

The Woodford Park Project - our response to the resettlement need for service users with a learning disability who may have complex needs and/or require additional behaviour support.

The Woodford Park Project opened in 2008 as part of a major resettlement scheme for people who were patients at long stay hospitals. 

The project has been designed and developed to provide accommodation and support services for up to six people with learning disabilities who have complex needs and/or required additional behavioural support. The project consists of two semi-detached bungalows, each of which, have three single bedrooms. The properties have been extensively adapted by the landlord to provide the appropriate therapeutic environment. We have used assistive technologies to promote safety, whilst ensuring that the environment remains homely and any adaptations have been as unobtrusive as possible.

With a highly trained and educated team of staff, we are tooled with the skills necessary to manage the most complex of support needs and behaviours. Our experience of ritualistic type behaviour management and autism is extensive and we are very familiar with programmes such as TEACCH. Each member of staff is trained in the use of RESPECT® which offers workers the skills to use proactive strategies when working with people who exhibit significant behaviour needs, whilst being assured that they have the ability to use the least restrictive physical intervention, should the need for such a reactive strategy arise.

The complexity of the work at Woodford Park requires the joint working of a large multi-disciplinary network. We work particularly closely with the Northern Trust Social Work Department and the Behaviour Support Service, forming approaches and methods of intervention aimed at reducing frequency, severity and impact of complex behaviours thus promoting the opportunity for our service users to avail of the true benefits of community living.


  • Night Support Worker - Cloonavin Green Project

    The Support Worker will be based at the Cloonavin Green Project in Coleraine. This vibrant Project is buzzing from morning to night. It's busy, busy, busy and offer's great opportunity for professional development. If you’re motivated, energetic and eager to learn, then you'll love working here.
  • Support Worker - Woodford Park Project

    Woodford Park is a supported living initiative in Coleraine for adults with learning disabilities who may require positive behaviour support. The position can be physically, emotionally and mentally demanding, but as such, offers incredible job satisfaction for those who enjoy a professional challenge. You'll be working for and along side the most respected practitioners in the industry. Expectations are high and this job therefore, is not for the feint hearted! If you know your onions, you'll relish this challenge.
  • Senior Support Worker - Woodford Park Project

    This challenging but hugely exciting and rewarding opportunity will see you being part of the management team, leading a highly skilled team of support staff in meeting the needs of adults with learning disabilities and complex behavioural needs. If you're ready to be at the top of your game, then this is the job for you.
  • Senior Support Worker - Cloonavin Green Project

    Currently a support worker? Able to evidence your professional development journey? Ready for the next step in your career? Then this active, highly rewarding role might just be for you.