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Parenting Support & Assessment

Partnering with the family, children's services, legal services, Guardian ad litem services and medical teams, our parenting support and assessment provision provides parents with the opportunity to gain the skills necessary to meet the needs of their children.

Our Parenting Support & Assessment service concentrates on providing education, support and assessment in clients own homes. This might be for various reasons, ranging from supervision and protection issues because the child might be on the Child Protection Register, through to the provision of some additional help and support due to ill health experienced by a parent. Our role can involve supporting parents with:

  • Child care / Child play / Child development
  • Child education & relationships with schools
  • Budgeting
  • Nutritional menu planning / cooking / meal preparation
  • Laundry & Cleaning
  • General household management & routines

Daily routine, organisation and the general household culture and management can be assisted and improved dramatically by the correct level of intervention from our Outreach Support staff. 

With a team of PAMs trained staff, we can conduct a complete PAMs assessment, offering the family, the agencies who are involved, and the court arena if necessary, a very definitive account of parental performance. The assessment will clearly highlight areas of strength and areas where improvement is needed. If required, we can provide recommendations for further supportive interventions that will enable the parents to successfully sustain the family unit. Our recommendations will be evidence based and therefore wholly realistic. If it is a appropriate to do so, we can then provide the follow up support in order to give the family the best opportunity to learn the skills required to achieve the necessary assessed standards. The assessment can then be updated to reflect and evidence the outcome. 

From time to time, clients take up our service as a direct result of a PAMS assessment already being completed by the social work department. Whilst not necessarily our preference, this can be useful in quickly forming a strategy plan about the work that needs to be done and the areas where the family need further education and support or supervision. Key benefits of our service inlcude:

  • Can be (but not necessarily) time scale specific
  • Takes place in the family home
  • Support can continue after the education / assessment process
  • Agreed service level can increase / decrease as necessary
  • Service level can be as high or as low as is required
  • Reporting in terms of Core Group & Professionals meetings is part of the provision
  • Reports detailing engagement, supports provided and assessment can be prepared for court if necessary

The Parenting Support Service is charged at £24.00 per hour with a fixed price for sleep-in duty (between 11:00pm and 7:00am) of £45.00. Transport provision can also be put in place at £0.415 per mile. We do not charge any additional management, administration or report writing fees.  Currently, the service can only be prescribed to service users who are in the local Coleraine, Portrush and Portstewart area. Previously, clients have moved from other parts of the province to specifically avail of our service. This too is something that we can help with. 


  • Outreach Worker

    Fairways Outreach Services provide a range of care and support services to adults with learning disabilities who live in his/her own home. Nearly all our service users are within the Coleraine area so don't worry - you'll not be driving more than you're caring!
  • Support Worker - Cloonavin Green Project

    The Support Worker will be based at the Cloonavin Green Project in Coleraine. This vibrant Project is buzzing from morning to night. It's busy, busy, busy and offer's great opportunity for professional development. If you’re motivated, energetic and eager to learn, then you'll love working here.